We like to make the most of our space here at the studio. Our schedule is different from week to week, so we invite you to check back often.

Artists that complete their recordings here can enjoy a full service cd-release or listening party in our space. It is the perfect atmosphere for an intimate gathering for friends, fans and family. We give the artist this special opportunity to share their newly recorded works in the exact atmosphere where they came to life. We have a casual, relaxing environment and a very high end listening system. This is the perfect chance for the artist to sell some cd's and start the process of promoting their new work without the pressure of a last minute live show.

We have plenty of other fun programs in the works. One that has gotten the most attention of late is the "Girls and Guitars" group lessons on Monday nights. We are still accepting sign-ups for this series of group guitar lessons that are fun and ultra-affordable.

Occasionally will open the gallery to guest artists or students that wish to showcase their new collection. For reservations and information on booking the space, please call us. We'd love to hear from you.