We are open to the public, but the studio is available only by reservation. If you are a singer/songwriter that puts a premium on the sonic integrity of your music then this is your place. Our network of musicians on staff can turn that little song idea into a beautiful musical reality. We are situated in the heart of beautiful King, WI. Our building is overflowing with vibe and charm. Mark Little is the primary engineer, but Triptophonic Studios does have arrangements with some of the best engineers in the area. Send us a note about your project and we would be happy to discuss your options. Rates start at $55/hr, contact us about block rates. If you know your way around a studio and appreciate a discrete class A circuit, be sure to see our gear list. Our analog input stages, conversion and monitoring are rivaled by few other studios in our lovely state. We offer you a relaxing atmosphere, great furniture and a premium coffeehouse only steps away. You can let loose while we work to facilitate the creation of your art. We already have some very exciting projects in the works... and we can't wait to share what's happening.

Not every recording studio is fitted with a visual art gallery and retail shop... that's why we like it here. During days and weekends we invite you to visit our shop that proudly features the best in affordable local art and gifts. When you support us, you are directly supporting the creative heartbeat of our community. Our staff artist and creative director also hosts educational workshops for children of all ages. Do you want to learn to get your ideas on canvas? Or do you want your little ones to be creative during their summer vacation while you enjoy a day on the town? We do both, and we hope you plan to visit us soon.

Are you an artist? Do you need a facility to unveil your latest collection? We would love to help host your event and help you get the glowing reviews that your original work deserves. Our lighting in the main room is ideal for your project, while your guests can enjoy your work and maybe a nice glass of pinot on our porch. The sky is the limit, so let us know what you have in mind.

Phone : 715.252.1421
Email : triptophonic(AT)